Lockdown Open Mic - A virtual open mic for the lockdown generation

Lockdown Open Mic is now closed 🥲

Lockdown Open Mic was an online music community that was formed in the first week of the Covid 19 lockdown of 2020 and ran (mostly weekly) for three years until 21st March 2023.

It was a beautiful thing and will be etched in our memories for all time. The friendships and bonds that were made through music and performance in the most trying of times carried us through. If you have any questions about Lockdown Open Mic or you want say hi, please send me an email.

Buy me a beer

I loved running Lockdown Open Mic every week. I did it because I love y'all, I truly still do.

There was a small cost to hosting the show and I'm more than happy to foot that bill, but if you wanted to buy me a beer, I'm absolutely not going to complain. I'll buy you one back when we all get together.

What's this now?

We're a group of musicians who, by and large, found eachother on the internet at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown and performed via Zoom (nearly) every Tuesday night since, until finishing what we'll call 'Season One' on 21st March, 2023.

I started Lockdown Open Mic as an online version of our favourite local open mic nights. Over time we grew into an amazing community of performers, audience members and new friends.

We're a friendly bunch, and with zero pressure for members to perform at all (we have plenty of people who just joined for a weekly dose of live entertainment)

As Lockdown Open Mic (Season One) plays itself off, we'll always look back on the times we had with love and joy (and probably tears).

How do I join in?

Well, you can't. We've closed Lockdown Open Mic. However, next time the world ends just send me an email (pete@lockdownopenmic.club) and I'll send you the joining link.